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BridgeWay Station
Clemson West End Zone
Indoor Practice Facility
Mal Moore Athletic Facility
Monroe Connector Bypass
North Charleston Coliseum
Richmond County Community College
RCC Atrium
East Virginia Medical School
Trail Bridge
Otarre Medical Office Building
Michelin USA Health Center
Coaches Support Building
Glynn Academy
BMW Assembly Plant

PRC Precast is devoted to mastering the unique characteristics of precast concrete.   Precast concrete combines a vast array of colors and textures with the durability and strength of the latest construction technologies.  Complex finishes such as wood, stone, and brick can also be replicated in incredible detail.  Made of all-natural materials and produced in a controlled environment, precast concrete reduces waste and provides a number of "green" benefits.  Beautiful and sustainable, precast concrete offers something for every project regardless of size, purpose, and style.


Based in the Southeast, PRC Precast is the only firm dedicated to the design, production, installation, and repair of precast for over a decade.  Evolving through the years, PRC Precast has become a leader in its field - supplying products & services to clients in both the public and private sectors.  From architectural embellishment to industrial applications, PRC Precast provides unmatched quality and expertise.

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